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Glass Art Bottles

#37, EOD Cellars Basic Blaster Red with Master Badge


**You will receive the bottle in the photo**

Proceeds from these products go towards supporting the EOD Warrior Foundation and other Veteran organizations.

We strive to use recycled bottles that have been donated to us from local businesses. Each Bottle is unique and hand crafted.


They all go through the following process:

-Collected from local business

-Soaked and cleaned to remove labels

-Fired in our kiln for 12+hours  

-Cleaned again

-Finishing touches are added (labels, glass beads, badges ect)


The back of each bottle has a WIRE LOOP to be used to hang onto a wall. All you need is a nail!


Dimensions: ~13L x 6W x ½ D (each bottle may vary)

Weight: less than 2.7 lbs


We value our customers and want them to be satisfied with their order. If you are not satisfied with your order please contact us at projectchaosinfo@gmail.com

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#37 A.JPG